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понеделник, 9 юли 2012 г.

My Romance + 2 FREE Coupon codes!

The set contains 65 Elements and 10 Papers 3600x 3600, all of them 300 dpi.
Shadows for the preview only. 176 MB
For Personal use! Please, do not share!
Available in Scrap-wishes 

Some wonderful pages by my CT girls. Thank you ladies :)

by Kuki

by Kama

by Chelisa

by Zybra

by Nibylandia

by Rositsa

by Tanpopo

by Detti

by Moromu

 by Widie

by Angeleye

by Crystal1972

And for the first 2 of you Free Coupon codes for my new Set "My Romance"

Code: MyRomance
Valid in my GDS Store



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