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New Kit is coming...


A page by me ...

Template by Fizzy pop Designs from the great Collab Kit "Reach for the sun"

Sweet Love....

"Sweet love" by Cucciola designs

Available in DDD

Tempa Chromatica part 2 by WendyP Designs

Available in 7th Heaven

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петък, 25 февруари 2011 г.

REACH FOR THE SUN! Together we can!

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.
~John Lennon

The reality of over 40 Designers coming together for one precious little girl is what you see here. We share the dream with 1 Mother and 1 little girl, we hope you will too. The dream is to be able to afford a very costly surgery to help a little girl with Cerebral Palsy walk. A gift that so many of us posses and so many of us take for granted. Vicky's Mother, Tzvetelina, did not stop believing that things for little Vicky will improve. We won't stop believing either.
It is our hope that you see the sun shining in on this cheery kit the way we see the sun shining on the face of sweet Vicky and you will extend a hand to help. In turn you get this gorgeous mega collab that will give you lots of opportunity to cherish your own precious memories.
100% of proceeds from this kit will go directly to Vicky's Mother, Tzvetelina.


My Page

A Page by my CT girl Donna! Thank you!

List of our generous participating Designers:

Krystal of Krystal Hartley Designs
Mary of MaryPop Designs
Jasmin of Jazzmin Designs
Helly of Designs by Helly
Becca of By Becca
Agnes of Agnesingap Designs
Sophie of Polly&Rufus Designs
Holly of Holly Designs
Lizzy of Fizzy Pop Designs
Allison of Allison Pennington Designs
Alissa of Pick a Paper Designs
Cheryl of Fiddle Dee Dee Designs
Megan of Megan Fisher Designs
Tracey of Clever Monkey Graphics
Flora of Three Sweet Chicks Designs
Anna of Anna Design
Vesi of Vesi Designs
Emi of Emeto Designs
Sasha of Busy Bee Designs
Desytka of Desytka Designs
Ivcheto of Flipp Design
Rositsa of Rossi Designs
Irina of Cucciola Designs
Lauren of Lauren Reid Designs
Sandra of FruitLoOp Sally Designs
Sarah of My Four Hens Photography
Heather of Fonts by Heather
Laura of Laura Banasiak Designs
Jenn of Jenn Barrette Designs
Tracie of Tracie Stroud Designs
Mirjam of Pink Reptile Designs
Kitty of Kitty Chen Designs
Valorie of Valorie Wibbens Designs
Iva of Damayanti Studio
Sara of Zinnias and Swallowtails
Jacque of Jacque Larsen Designs
Patricia of Strawberries Designs

Collab Includes:200 unique elements +
90 papers
6 unique templates
3 alphas sets
1 font
2 photo actions
We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate you coming together with us to make this dream a reality! With your support, we hope to help give Vicky a chance for a normal life! To learn more about Vicky, please visit the site her mother here.

You can also buy photos from the gallery to help Viki

In order to help Vicky to walk, the next treatment (one of many) is coming soon.
Make a donation via PayPal:


сряда, 23 февруари 2011 г.

Charity collab...coming soon!

Hello Everybody,
A lot of amazing Designer (me too, thank you Damayanti for the invitation ) took a part in a wonderful Charity collab for one amazing Bulgarian little girl!
The collab is coming soon!

There is a little Bulgarian girl - Vicky. And her mother Tzvetelina.
These two girls are the biggest fighters I know. Tzvetelina did not stop to believe that the things for Vicky will become better and better.
She exerts enormous efforts to make her dream come true!
Vicky has cerebral palsy.

Here is a site launched by Vicky's mother.

Few charity actions and few photo sessions were done to raise money.
You can also buy photos from the gallery to help Viki

In order to help Vicky to walk, the next treatment (one of many) is coming soon.
Make a donation via PayPal:

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вторник, 15 февруари 2011 г.

My winner...

I hope that you had an amazing St. Valentine's Day! :)

The winner of my Kit "United colors of our Life..." is PTITE VIVI :) Congrats!

Please, e-mail me at: rositsaio@abv.bg

вторник, 8 февруари 2011 г.

My new Kit "United Colors Of Our Life" is here!+ a chance to win it!

The Spring is coming and it's a time for something colorful and really fresh! This is my new Kit "United colors of our Life..."
The Kit contains 70 Elements and 12 Papers 3600x3600, all 300 dpi
I hope that you'll like it and you'll create your pages with a pleasure :)

Now you have the chance to win this Kit, just leave me a little comment here ;)

The Kit is available in ScrapBird Store and in Scrap-wishes Store

And some pages for inspiration by my wonderful CT girls! Thank you, ladies :)

By Perciancat

By Joanne

By Caramellche

By Fehnmaus

By Solarray

By Widie

By nibylandia

By me

By moni

By Dytka

By Tigrushka

By Twomama

By nibylandia

By Solarray

By Lucienne

By Milisek

By Ola

By Alanaa

By oblak11

By Leni

Wish you a wonderful, sunny and happy day,

понеделник, 7 февруари 2011 г.

New Kit is coming.....

Hello, my friends!
I made a new Kit. Not for St. Valentine's day but for you! For your wonderful, happy and colorful memories...I mixed a lot of colors...the united colors of our life :)

I'm very happy to show you this wonderful page by Widie like a Sneak peak :)

Have a wonderful and sunny day,

New Kit by Manue Designs!

Manue has a new Kit which you can download for FREE only now!
"For the pleasure to offer"

The Kit is available in Difitalcrea

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събота, 5 февруари 2011 г.

CU Freebie!

Very soon is St. Valentines Day and I'm already in a love mood :) I want to give you a part of my love with this CU Freebie. I hope that you'll like it and if you want show me your love back :)
Enjoy it!

This week I plan some more surprises for you so regularly check my blog ;)


I Love you,

петък, 4 февруари 2011 г.

p.s. I Love you! ...

The new Kit by She Devil's Designs

Available in Sunflowersdrap

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Agnesingap with a New Kit and a New Store!

This is the New Kit by Agnesingap "FOR YOU"

The Kit is available in 9th & Bloom!

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