сряда, 23 февруари 2011 г.

Charity collab...coming soon!

Hello Everybody,
A lot of amazing Designer (me too, thank you Damayanti for the invitation ) took a part in a wonderful Charity collab for one amazing Bulgarian little girl!
The collab is coming soon!

There is a little Bulgarian girl - Vicky. And her mother Tzvetelina.
These two girls are the biggest fighters I know. Tzvetelina did not stop to believe that the things for Vicky will become better and better.
She exerts enormous efforts to make her dream come true!
Vicky has cerebral palsy.

Here is a site launched by Vicky's mother.

Few charity actions and few photo sessions were done to raise money.
You can also buy photos from the gallery to help Viki

In order to help Vicky to walk, the next treatment (one of many) is coming soon.
Make a donation via PayPal:

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