петък, 25 март 2011 г.

Charity Collab Kit "Sakura's dream" for JAPAN

Available in Digital-crea

Because life is beautiful
so fragile and we must preserve
To make tomorrow better than yesterday
Stand united and give us your hand.
So that life can continue in these hard
moments, let us show brotherhood, solidarity and
generosity, thus rises to the sun again
and that Japan is recovering.

12 designs Digitalcréa gathered together
all stand together to create this charity kit for Japan
( manuedesigns, fanette, Bellisae, angel, paprika, Thaliris, dydyge,
laurencedesigns, meldesigns, chouk777, albina, celinedesigns )

Make this gift for a country that has lost all show that we
are all bound to face these trials
What we reap will be a contribution in a
Ocean gift, which we know will help this population.

The entire team of digital creative thank you in advance
your generosity.

All donations collected will go to the Japanese Red Cross

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