вторник, 15 март 2011 г.

The winner of my "Pink Easter" is....

Thank you very much for your comments and the nice words. I'm very happy that you like my work.

And the winner of my Kit "Pink Easter" is Shayna!


e-mail me at: rositsaio@abv.bg

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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Bonjours , je t'écris car j'ai le projet d'ouvrir une boutique de cu avec Kreen
    et je voudrais savoir si tu serais intérésser de faire parti de l'équipe ?
    Je serais content de t'avoir dans l'équipe donc dis moi si tu es ok , merci d'avance .
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    Hello, I am writing because I plan to open a shop cu Kreen
    and let me know if you'd be interested to be part of the team?
    I'd be glad to have you on the team so tell me if you're ok, thank you in advance.
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